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Music Releases 10-30-20

Artist Title Price
Ariana Grande Positions New CD: $13.99
Sam Smith Love Goes [2 LP] New Vinyl: $38.98
U2 All That You Can’t Leave Behind: 20th Anniversary [2 LP] New Vinyl: $39.98
Eels Earth To Dora [LP] New Vinyl: $19.98
Elvis Costello Hey Clockface New CD: $14.98
Mr. Bungle The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo [Translucent Ruby Red 2LP] New Vinyl: $29.98
Hamilton Leithauser Live! at Café Carlyle [Opaque White LP] New Vinyl: $19.98
Busta Rhymes Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of God New CD: $12.98
Jeremiah Johnson Unemployed Highly Annoyed New CD: $16.98
I Prevail Post Traumatic New CD: $15.98
Cam The Otherside [Clear w/Black Marble LP] New Vinyl: $25.98
Tom Misch Beat Tape 2 [5th Anniversary Gold Edition 2LP] New Vinyl: $24.98
Troye Sivan In A Dream EP [Blue Mist Vinyl] New Vinyl: $24.98
Mastodon Medium Rarities [Limited Edition Pink 2LP] New Vinyl: $29.98
Dikembe Chicago Bowls/Ledge [Green/Black Swirl LP] New Vinyl: $19.98
Elton John Elton John [Limited Edition Gold LP] New Vinyl: $29.98
The Oak Ridge Boys Down Home Christmas [LP] New Vinyl: $19.98
City Girls City On Lock [LP] New Vinyl: $18.98
Yes The Royal Affair Tour (Live in Las Vegas) [2LP] New Vinyl: $31.98
The Flaming Lips Transmissions From The Satellite Heart [Rocktober 2020 Green LP] New Vinyl: $21.98
Bob Mould Distortion: 1989-2019 [24CD Box Set] New CD: $134.99
The Heshoo Beshoo Group Armitage Road [LP] New Vinyl: $27.49
Nasty Menace [Purple LP] New Vinyl: $26.98
Necrophobic Dawn Of The Damned [LP] New Vinyl: $32.98
Meghan Trainor A Very Trainor Christmas New CD: $12.96

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