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NTX Vinyl

Mechul: Singles & Rarities
Artist: Erkin Koray
Format: CD
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Formats and Editions


1. Me Hul [Maetch Hool] [Unknown]
2. Ve... [Waeh] [... And... ]
3. Kendim Ettim Kendim Buldum [Candym Attym Candym Booldom] [I Did It -The
4. G N Dogmuyor [Gyun Dough Moo Yoar] [No More Daybreak]
5. Goca D Nya [Gocha Duen Yuah] [Oh, Big World]
6. Krallar [Crull Laar] [Kings]
7. C MB R Cemaat [Cuembuer Cae Maaht] [All Together "With Happiness"]
8. Hadi Hadi Ordan [Hudy Hudy or Done] [Go Away "You Liar"]
9. D S N S [Dhyschy Nysch] [The Thought]
10. Olmayinca Olmuyor [All Mauynncha All Mooy or] [Somehow It Doesn't Reali
11. Sevdigim [Saewdee Eem] [My Loved One]

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